Grunge punk from Manchester Tio Rico formed in 2015 and Initially gravitating towards a sound that comprised of slow ska punk they recorded a self titled 5 track Demo with the help of Duncan Porter. In September 2016 they went to Pressure Drop Studios in Stockport and recorded their single Mr Big Shot with Will Farley (Stay Clean Jolene / The Leif Ericsson) which was released through Horn & Hoof Records.

Their EP Business and Pleasure was released in July 2017, is shows the bands progression away from ska to a heavier punky grungy sound.

In July 2018 Tio Rico started working on a new album "Shit Show Pony" with Ant Booth at Kesbri Studios in Bolton which due fo rrelease in November, they released the first single from it titled "Newspeak" in September 2018, this time also saw Ash Partridge join the band on drums

“The band’s post-Hardcore is out in force in ‘Newspeak’ and its a track that wastes no time. Grunge rhythms pound along to a bass tuned for Hardcore Punk but living with one foot in the Post-Hardcore 80’s” - Musically Fresh

You can order "Shit Show Pony" on 12" red vinyl here

Tìo Rico are:
Ed - Guitar / vox
Scott - Bass / vox
Ash - Drums / Vox

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Business and Pleasure
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