Skate punk from Manchester.

After meeting in college and bonding over a mutual love of 90's skate punk, Clayface originally began as a four piece in the summer of 2012.
7 years on, one member down then one member gained, they've finally moved out of Archie's parent's basement; bringing their own blend of scrappy, melodic punk to the eardrums of the world.
Following the release of their angsty, teenage debut "Squeel," the band took a few quiet years out; surviving on a handful of local shows while members left for university. Now back, with their upcoming, aptly titled EP "Don't Hold Your Breath," Clayface are ready to leave their stain on the face of the UK Punk Scene!

Clayface are:
Archie - Guitar, Vox
Reece - Drums, Vox
Alex - Bass
Scott - Guitar, Vox

Dont Hold Your Breath - (CD)5.00/ Digital 5.00