Rites of Hadda is an anarcho pagan gothic psychedelic witch punk band that formed as the result of a weekly jam night in a North London squat. Drawing inspiration from the band's diverse tastes the band plays a blend of heads-down occult-tinged doom-laden punk rock with a melodic, pop edge. Lyrically, the band takes in everything from social commentary about capitalism and the forces of government, to more personal and visceral subject matter.

Rites of Hadda's latest release the 2-track digital EP 'The Right Time To Die' was released in July 2019, which will be followed up by 'The Horned God' on vinyl early 2020!

Rites Of Hadda
"The Horned God" 12" / Digitak - £15
Rites Of Hadda - Right Time to Die
£Free - Bandcamp

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