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Oiz II Menare a punk band that hail from this countries fair capital.

From out of the mists of East London they came, belching smoke and foul odours, with the din of a thousand drunken oi shanties ringing in their ears... they were Oiz II Men and with one of each of their palms placed flat atop a bottle of supermarket value cider they swore a solemn oath together in 2006: they would not rest until they'd got a few gigs.
That aim was achieved by the band's first incarnation, which comprised of Jesus de la Polla (v), Nuclear Winter (b), Jon Cowboy(g), and a drum machine. But after discovering that drum machines don't tend to function again after they've had four tins of out-of-date McEwans poured over them in celebration of a Tommy Flynn's half-filled, the group brought in a drummer who is now lost to the band, The Pseudophile, and a second guitarist named Deadloss.
Gigs with the likes of Lloyd Grossman came and went, demo recordings took place, rivers of beer were consumed - but Deadloss was not long for the group. After smashing his 36th Telecaster against the wall of Room 5 at the band's rehearsal space, he was replaced by the fearsomely-bearded six-stringer Frothy the Dwarf, whose ferocious lead-work and charming Primus hoodies have since taken London society by storm.
Soon after that change of personnel The Pseudophile decided that he'd had his fill of punk. After symbolically setting his Oiz II Men t-shirt alight (and causing the Leyton fire brigade some acute distress), he quit the band, leaving Oiz II Men to retool itself once more. Nuclear Winter moved to drums and some bum called Tom who'd attained the rank of Plonkmeister General in the hussars was brought in to play bass.

This line-up crystallised, solidified and has been offending rarified sensibilities since 2009. Blending together street punk, hardcore and their own personal quirks and eccentricities, Oiz II Men have shocked and horrified thousands of innocent music fans up and down the country with catchy tunes tailor-made to sicken the soul, shrivel the spirit & bang the head.
Indeed, whether it be playing live in Skegness, unwisely covering Village People songs or supporting the Anti-Nowhere League, Oiz II Men have done it all.
A conclave of drunks they may be but nevertheless, Oiz II Men, using the medium of cider-soaked punk rock, bring to the fore the eternal fire the burns within the hearts of, say, the man on the terraces; the old codger wheezing on his roll-up outside the pub; the teenager sniffing glue under Camden Lock.
And now, we here at Horn 'n' Hoof are proud - nay, honoured - to release the band's debut album, Beer Bukkake. It's been a long time coming but, oh, it feels good.
Available for a mere £2.50 Oiz II Men's first LP is an exercise in high-volume bad taste, pissed-up punk rock. We don't want to sound presumptuous, but take it from us when you listen to it: you will get wet.


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