The Evil Hoof Picnic is an annual punk rock event hosted by two independent promoters, Evil Music and Horn & Hoof Records.
We host an all day event with local and national Punk and Ska bands. To stay up-to-date join our Facebook group, and be sure to let us know you're coming on the event page here.

We're very sorry to say that Evil Hoof Picnic will not be going ahead this year to to the COVID pandemic, We may live stream some bands in its place, so please keep checking our facebook goup for updates.

Here are photos from previous picnic's.

EVil Hoof Picnic 3 -

July 21st 2019

Video playlist from Evil Hoof Picnic 3

Evil Hoof Picnic 3

All photos by Phukin Photos

Evil Hoof Picnic 2 - Evil Bugaloo -

July 21 2018

Evil Hoof Picnic 2

All photos by Phukin Photos

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Evil Hoof Picnic 1

July 22 2017

Evil Hoof Picnic 1

All photos by Phukin Photos