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The Crash Mats Formed in December 2008, they are a fun Ska Punk three piece from Oldham.
Playing what they describe as idiotic ska punk, the band consists of Baz on Bass/vocals, Royals on Guitar/vocals and Chris on drums. After the release of their album ‘NOW that’s what I Call Crash Mats 69’ in July 2016, the band have been back in the studio and recorded their second album, ‘69 Peruvian Panpipe Classics’.
Recorded by Ant Booth at Kersbri Studios, ‘69 Peruvian Panpipe Classics’ is a fast, fun and Energetic album; from track 1’ ‘Hot Air Balloon Ride”, through to the perils of Oldham in ‘Don’t Go Down Yorkshire Street On A Friday Night’ to a ‘Soppy Love Song’ this album has something for everyone, unless you like panpipes, then you are going to be disappointed. Oh and yes, there is more wrestling themed goodness. The first single from the EP, ‘Watchmen’, is a ska punk number that rightfully asks, “who watches the Watchmen?” Who indeed?! The Crash Mats have a whole host of gigs lined up throughout the rest of year.

A New song from The Crash Mats - The Crash Mats have a new album "69 Peruvian Panpipe Classics" coming out on September 15th, 'Watchmen' and 'Terry Funk Forever' are taken from it and you can listen here

Do you enjoy wrestling and playing computer games while eating sausage roll's and smoking fat doobs? If so then NOW! Thats What I Call Crash Mats 69 is the album for you!


The Crash Mats -
69 Peruvian Panpipe Classics
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The Crash Mats -
NOW Thats what I call Crash Mats 69
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