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Horn & Hoof Records is a distribution label from
Manchester, England, working with independent and unsigned artists.

Here at Horn & Hoof HQ we’re all about working with and for others. The ethos behind our “label” is to help promote and bolster the bands we work with and where possible try and work with other labels. We’ve put out a fundraising compilation and put on a couple of charity events, more to come from the Horn & Hoof Family, and that’s how we see everyone we work with, family and unity, that’s what we believe. If you feel like supporting us and our bands then please head over to our store and pick up a record or CD or two, we don’t charge postage on more than one item.

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Listen to the Horn & Hoof Records Podcast on your favourite podcast app or listen below.

We have teamed up with kaptian Kirkz himself, Max of Bane Of My Life Podcast and have embedded it in our site, check it out below

Shows and news


Aug 20

We launch the Horn & Hoof Records Podcast!

We have launched our very own podcast where Scott talks to the bands that are releasing music with or coming to play for HOrn & Hoof records. You can find it on your podcast app of choice or listen below

July 20

Evil Hoof Picnic Live Stream and comp

On July 18th we were supposed to host Evil Hoof Picnic 4 at Gullivers in Manchester, but this year has been brutal and we couldn’t. Instead we managed to get some of the bands to live stream from their homes and pubs, you can see the videos from that on our YouTube page. we also released a Live compilation of last years bands recorded at Evil Hoof Picnic 3 by Ant of Kesbri Sudios, you can download it here, its pay what you want and all the proceeds from it will go to the Mental Helth charityhere

July 20

Turfboy - At Tension Pre-order

The new album from available to Turfboy is available to pre-order on CD now. Following on from 3 signles (L)earn, Holly Daye and AttenDANCE, due out on August the 8th, Pre-order your copy

May 20


On May 8th Horn & Hoof Records welcomed the latest addition to the Horn Hoof Family, Dublin’s Turfboy formed in 2012 and they’ve been wrecking the gaff ever since, 2020 will see Turfboy pushing the boundaries of their soundscape, and will release their debut album “At Tension” in August, ahead of this the band will be releasing three singles, on May 8th the band released (L)earn the first in the trilogy. Turfboy have now revealed a video, that was shot by the band at home on lockdown, to accompany the single.

Apr 20

Apr 20


We are very sad to have to say that due to the effects that Covid-19 is having on the country that we won't be able to go ahead with Evil Hof Picnic this year. We MAY do something digitally, maybe some live streams from some bands that were due to play.

Jan 20

4 Way split with The Crash Mats

We are pleased to bring you this 4 way split 7" record from The Crash Mats, The Atoms, Werecats and Skimmer, in partnership with Monster Zero Records

Jan 20


We have put together a free compilation featuring all the bands who we have worked with in 2019 titled "Bands of 2019

You can download it Here

July 19

The picnic is over, long live the picnic!

July 20th saw the 3rd Evil Hoof Picnic from Horn & Hoof Records and Evil Music Live, and it was a blast, you can see the photos here. Rest assuered the picnic will be back next year! Thanks to everyone involved, all the bands that played, all the fans that came down, see you next year (if not before)