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Horn & Hoof Records is a distribution label from
Manchester, England, working with independent and unsigned artists.

Here at Horn & Hoof HQ we’re all about working with and for others. The ethos behind our “label” is to help promote and bolster the bands we work with and where possible try and work with other labels. We’ve put out a fundraising compilation and put on a couple of charity events, more to come from the Horn & Hoof Family, and that’s how we see everyone we work with, family and unity, that’s what we believe. If you feel like supporting us and our bands then please head over to our store and pick up a record or CD or two, we don’t charge postage on more than one item.

Shows and news


Jan 19> EVIL HOOF PICNIC 3 - Tickets on sale NOW!

We've added more bands to the line up for the next Evil Hoof Picnic

Jan 19>


What a wat to start the year, we had some proper gremlins in the works here at Horn and Hoof HQ but thankfully they’ve mostly been resolved and the website is nearly back to full working order

Dec 18

Evil Hoof Picnic is back!

We, along with Evil Music ar ebinging Evil Hoof Pinic back to Manchester for its 3rd year. Head over to our site to check out the latest info here"

Nov 18

We've got T-shirts!!

We've some Horn & Hoof Records shirts for sale! They've got a small chest print and a large back print, many sizes available, who wants one?

Aug 2018

New 7" from VANILLA POD

We’re very lucky and honoured to have been asked to be part of an awesome team to release the last ever EP from UK Punk legends Vanilla Pod.“Goodbye My Love” is available for pre order now here. This will be limited to 300 copies in total (25here) on random coloured wax, so get it before it’s gone!

Please. If you can’t buy this for any reason then spread the love and give it a share

Aug 2018

A new single from Tio Rico

we’ve given Musically Fresh an exclusive stream of what will be the new single from Manchester Grunge Punk band Tio Rico, "Newspeak" will be released on September 21st.

Have a listen to the new single and read what MF thouught here

Jul 2018

WOW, Evil Hoof Picnic was amazeballs!

We here at Horn & Hoof Records, along with our buddies over at Evil Music just want to say a big big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that came out to Evil Hoof Picnic 2! Time to start planning for Evil Hoof Picnic 3 i guess!

Apr 2018

Sorry For Escalating to release new EP with Horn & Hoof Records!

We are pleased to announce that German punks are releasing their new EP exclusively in the UK with us. Sorry For Escalating are a four piece from Karlsruhe, Germany. an alternative to pop-punk that combine elements of Emo with an alternative vibe. Influenced by bands such as The Story So Far, Heisskalt, Balance and Composure, Neck Deep, Blackout Problems and Title Fight."Losing Sleep" is their second EP and moves musically and lyrically between alternative and emo, will be released in spring 2018 will have the “Losing Sleep” EP on Side A and the “Stuck” EP on side B. Pre order yours here

Apr 2018

Horn & Hoof Go 8-Bit!

Thats right, we are going all retro arcade on your ass, listen to 6 awesome 8-bit midi tracks from some of our bands on this awesome free download! Head over to our and download it!

Mar 2018


Warrington punks Hummer have released their new EP "Budweiser and Butter". Available on CD from the store now.